Popular Culture Survey

Some of the results of the survey from the first day of class are listed below.

Questions of screen time are of particular interest.  The class had the following results:

Television – 2.21 hours
Music – 1.27
Computer – 2.69
Video Games – 1.00
Print – 1.17
Internet – 2.09

These results are from a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the image was produced by the NY Times:

More information can be found from the article in the NY Times from which this image originates.  It is about the study and the heavy use of digital media by today’s youth.

What do you think about both the class results and those of the Kaiser study?  What kind of effect is this having on us individually and socially?  What do you think of the rapid pace of change (in terms of device ownership for example)?  Were you surprised by any of the results?

As discussed in class there was very little overlap for movies, music, and television.  There were only a dozen of all three categories combined that were listed three or more times.  What does the massive amount of choice and lack of overlap mean for thinking about popular culture as a common culture?  Do you think that we are losing a common cultural ground with the proliferation of media choices?  What does this mean?  Would it be a good thing or a bad thing?

We will continue to engage these questions as the course progresses.

You can also view the full survey results and the notable results shown in class.

Class results:

Television                      2.21 hours

Music                            1.27

Computer                      2.69

Video Games                1.00

Print                               1.17

Movies                          ?

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