Control of the Media

By: Audrey

After watching the films Merchants of Cool and Network and learning about the terms that were covered in this week’s chapter, I wanted to find out more about who controls the media. There are so many different programs and shows on television and everyone is watching them but I have never really put too much thought into who is deciding what Americans are watching and why.

I found this video on YouTube that described some of the concepts that had previously been touched on in the films and in class. What I learned from this video is that there are only a few large companies that are controlling what the American people are watching and these same companies are ones that are getting advertising time. This reminded me of the feedback loop that we learned about a few weeks ago.

The other main point that I found fascinating is that the main people who are in charge of our television are primarily wealthy, white, men. Although I found this interesting, I hardly found it to be shocking. Like many things in our country, the whole “melting pot” thing is pretty much replaced by the limited perspective of privileged individuals and the real experiences of other cultures are ignored. Realizing this made me think about the television that I have watched and the potential motivations behind certain programming.

Many people get lost in the program that they are enjoying or watching and forget that there are tons of people behind that television show. Thinking about the films and the readings from class in the past few weeks has really encouraged me to think twice about some of the things that I am seeing and consider the people and companies that are behind it.

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