Popular Culture and Shared Connections

By: Chelsie

Although this week’s prompts were engaging, when the idea of this project was introduced, I knew what I wanted to do from the beginning. I see much of what Pop culture is to be what is prevailing or more relevant in your mind during the day. We make connections, though not always noticed at first, between the “everyday” events, ideas, motives and media and the topics at hand. There has been many a time that I found myself saying “this is like an episode of Star trek” or “that story reminds me of this song I heard”. Connections make things meaningful, even the most mundane. So when this idea of media examples and support a topic or ideal was at hand, I knew right off the bat the two videos I wanted to introduce.

Bricolage is a large part of these videos, thrown together from a wide assortment of different pop culture subjects: Movies, music, literature, history and iconic images. YouTube, the ultimate video/music database of pop culture, sucks in an assortment of videos and other media a day only for others to see a pattern and create mass media of all this information thrown together. Connections are made and these videos emerge.

Both “Leo Strut” and “BrodyQuest” though mindless to most, make an impact in life. “BrodyQuest” offers the idea that though people make celebrities out to be “God-like”; they are just like anybody else when attending popular vacation spots and historic monuments. In the same light, “Leo Strut” succeeds in compiling all sorts of internet and TV phenomenon, memes and fads over the years. People can connect, and in those connections, ideas can be planted in furthering such media.

To relate it more to this week’s prompts, the Democratic toll on mass media is also noticeable. In the “BrodyQuest” video, we see Mr. Brody walking along in front of all sorts of images, near the end more historical based. But what do we see? Views of the White House, Washington monument, Mount Rushmore and the statue of liberty; all known democratic icons of government, freedom, and democracy. These are not strictly democratic, but when thinking of the past few years of political history, the Democratic Party has been prominent.

Although these videos seem amateur and irrelevant to a larger picture, I still find the fact that the relationship the masses can form with celebrities, media, and fads impactful. These videos are mass produced knowing people will view for reasons known to themselves and many more just so they can say “I’ve done/seen/been/known that”. The power of a shared image, song, show or other media form is stronger than that of just knowledge at times. Connections, the act of knowing it, of understanding it, of acquiring it is more powerful than any ad campaign. Hence why so many celebrities and popular companies go in together, such as Converse with their music, or Michael Jordan with Space Jam. Connections, familiarity and knowledge sell things more often than not.

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