Final Paper and the Writing Center

First I want to encourage all of you to check out PSU’s Writing Center if you haven’t already.  It is located in Cramer 188 and is an excellent resource.  They offer peer review and all kinds of assistance to improve your writing.  They also have a variety of handouts related to appropriate citing and formatting for different writing styles.

Earlier I was asked what citing format I want for the final paper.  I do not care if it is MLA, APA, Chicago style or any other academic style that you use for your discipline.  If you already are familiar and use one of these styles then please continue to use it.  If you have not used any academic writing and citing style please select one and use it.  If you are doing this I would recommend selecting the style that you anticipate using for your major.  The important thing for me is that it meets academic standards and is consistent throughout the paper, the particular style is not critical to me.  The Writing Center has great handouts about all of these different writing styles and their relevant citation guidelines.  If you have further questions about the final paper please bring them up in class.

Here again for your convenience are the guidelines I handed out several weeks ago about the final paper.  You can find additional information on the syllabus.  Lastly, I would encourage you to look at these two organizations if you are still looking for ideas or suggestions on potential books or articles for the research component of the paper.

Popular Culture Association

Cultural Studies Associatition

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