Video Games and the Simulation and Representation of War

By: Alex

A couple of the postmodern ideas could relate to Suellentrop’s article. Intertextuality is one of the ideas that relate to war games. In the article, Suellentrop talks about how some of the games try to make it as real as possible, by asking some of the marines that were in the actual war to give their experiences, this relates to the idea of intertextuality since they are referencing the information they get from the marines and the information they know about the war into the video game they are making. Another postmodern idea that could relate to war games is the idea of simulation. In the article they were trying to make the video games as real as possible. Because of this, the people playing the games may find the video game as more real than the actual war, since most of them have probably never fought in a war before.

It seems like the video games are a simulation and representation of war. The article talked a lot about how the video games were trying to make it more real, like the war itself. The video game was probably originally made to be a representation of war, after hearing how they tried to make the video game like previous wars. It seems like the game might be more of a simulation to the people who play the video games though, if they find the game to be more real than the actual war itself. They might find it to be more real than the war itself since they probably wouldn’t know much about the war if they never fought in it. They would only know about it from what is in the news or from the video game.

It seems like the primary way that most people get information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is through watching the news, but since not everybody watches the news then probably a lot of people think of the wars through the video games they play. The effect that this would have is that people would think of the wars going on through the video games they play. Another problem might be that it only shows one perspective, in a lot of shooting games; they show one person as the good group, and the other group as evil terrorists.

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