Axe Funny Commercials

By: Jason

The limits of commercial now a day is being pushed further from what the limits were in the past.  This is what I think of when I see an Axe commercial being broadcast on cable/satellite television.  They are using reflexive and intertextual messages in order to push these limits.  For example the Axe Commercial titled Clean Balls; with Jaime Presley who plays the character name Monica Blake talks about that regular bar soap is not sufficient to clean balls but the new Axe Detailer.   This commercial was televised with no editing but it was recently edited in order to make it appropriate for the US consumer.

If you pay close attention to the commercial, they are using stereo types when mention balls.  For example, prior to washing the golf balls and she says, “Why don’t we start with these small balls”?  The camera changes the focuses to the Caucasian guy and he looks uneasy.  Then the host of the show was foundling with two golf balls, which makes the audience think of it in a sexual way.  Also, further into the commercial, a colored man stood up with a bag of soccer balls, he threw the balls and the balls were commented “Big Ball Sack”.

Also, I wonder if people actually do what the axe commercial instructs the consumer on how to use their product.  “Pit Pit Chest”!  Or if they actually put some type of pheromones in order to attract the women.  Here are more commercials that portray theses.

Hope you enjoy these commercials!

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