A New Low for Reality Television

By: Erika

I was recently listening to the radio when an advertisement came on advertising a new television show called “Bridalplasty”. The show consists of brides competing in order to win various plastic surgeries to make them perfect for their wedding day.  To say I was shocked was an understatement, I was appalled.

Women in the United States seem to be obsessed with making themselves in to the “perfect women”. Every day we are surrounded by this image of “the perfect women” but in reality this image has no grounding. There are thousands of variations of real images of women, look in a family photo album. You won’t see those pictures doctored to make waists slimmer, legs longer, and breasts bigger. Those images are real.

We grow up knowing that most pictures in a magazine are edited but somehow they still affect us. This image helps mask and prevent the real image of women. It’s easy to say this when you know that there is a $160 billion dollar per year international industry that includes make-up, skin and hair care, perfume, plastic surgery, health clubs, and diet products. An article called The Beauty Business, on economist.com contained these startling statistics. The article continued by saying that each year Americans spend more on “beauty” than they do on education.

What does it say about American culture when we buy into reality television like “Bridalplasty” and spend billions of dollars on products to make us more perfect? No wonder there are so many women with image problems. They are bombarded by images everyday that are telling them they are not good enough. Did I mention that “Bridalplasty” is on E! a television network who’s primary audience is Women?

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