Black Friday

By: Mary

This weekend was a tough one for me, and many other poor souls who ended up working on one of the most dreaded days of the year for most retail workers, Black Friday. I ended up working all weekend actually. Once I remembered to do my blog entry, I figured why not write about the beast that is Black Friday.

Black Friday encompasses so many of the concepts and ideals that we have covered in class. One of the biggest things perhaps is consumerism. It’s the one day of the year where people line up outside doors hours before stores open just to get their hands on the best deals on material things. But where did these items come from, where were they made, and most importantly, where do you think they will end up? Black Friday has been amped up for weeks with television ads left and right. Here are a few of the commercials for Target that I found entertaining.

I got to experience the cultural phenomena of Black Friday first hand. I work at a children’s and baby’s clothing store in a mall. It just made me think to myself, how long are these clothes going to be relevant? Aren’t they going to grow out of this tiny pair of 30 dollar jeans within less than a year?? I mean, I guess Black Friday deals are especially good for my store, but many of the items are paying for the logo presented on the chest of their child’s chest rather than the actual item at hand. As one of my friends posted on facebook –  If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it – keep in mind that retailers called it black Friday because so many people are buying things that they shoot from being “in the green to in the black” so just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean it’s the best you can find. This goes for many stores, people pay top dollar for certain brands of clothing looking for acceptance rather than quality.

All in all, Black Friday is only the beginning of one huge consumer happy and materialistic season that we call the holidays. Yes, we have good intentions usually when we buy gifts, but do the retailers? With that said, I bid you Happy Holidays, and a commercial to kick off the holiday/spending season.

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