Model Blog Entries

The first blog entry is due on Monday 1/31.  There will not be an additional reflective writing due on Wednesday as called for by the syllabus.

The following blog entries are all excellent models of a well done assignment.  They come from a previous offering of this course.

They exhibit effective use of contemporary popular culture from the writer’s life, connection to class concepts, critical thinking and good writing.  They also demonstrate the very different ways one can approach this assignment (you can find a description here).

Please refer to them if you are still having questions about how you should complete this assignment.  There are other ways to complete this assignment at a high level, these are just a few good examples of the ones that have been submitted thus far.  Please do not let these examples constrain your approach, feel free to experiment and try something not seen here.

Call of the Culture Industry

Status Through Taste, the Hipster Way…

Time For Change: When the Logo Becomes the Problem

Misrepresentation of Science in Popular Culture

How Apple Creates Popular Culture

Carl’s Junior, Ideology and Gender

Street Art

Baseball and Advertising

Kayne West’s Runaway: It’s Pretty Epic

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