Becoming Famous: The YouTube Way

By: Andrea

Becoming famous has never been so easy.  In today’s society you don’t need to have the looks, the talent, or the connections to become among America’s elite. All you have to have is some sort of recording device, and possibly a baby named Charlie who likes to bite.

YouTube is a website where anyone can create an account for free and upload any videos that they want to show to the public. You can also watch music videos, TV shows, the news, pretty much anything that’s on TV or movies. Also, a few weeks ago I was in quite a crisis when I didn’t understand how to install my curtain rod. YouTube came to my rescue when I searched for a how-to video, and many different options popped up. The video possibilities are endless.

Lately, it seems that more and more people are appearing on the news or being talked about because of the videos they upload on YouTube.  Take for example, the video “Charlie Bit My Finger.” This video has been talked about and impersonated non-stop among my friends and many others. These two cute, young boys will be forever remembered for this video:

Another example is Greyson Chance, a young boy who covered Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” His performance on the piano was uploaded on YouTube, and then he became an overnight sensation. Ellen Degeneres invited him onto her talk show and after the video received 30 million views, she surprised him with $10,000, a new piano, and invited him to be apart of her new record label eleveneleven. All of this happened because he uploaded a video…Take a look:

Greyson may have had the talent, but there are still so many other YouTube sensations that are well known for their humorous or sometimes rather strange videos. My final example is, of course, the infamous “Bed Intruder” video. Antoine Dodson was interviewed for the news after a rapist broke into his and his sister’s home. His interview became a video of amusement and was turned into an actual song. You can even download the “Bed Intruder Song” as your ringtone.

So why does all of this matter? It matters because YouTube has created a new medium for individuals to express anything they want through video. It’s a community where one can watch videos, create discussion, and in my case, learn how to hang a curtain rod. YouTube has changed how individuals can become famous and how individuals can connect with one another, as shown in these examples. It may be addicting, but there’s so many things that one can view and learn on this incredible website. So with that said, lets go make some videos!


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