Football and Advertisemnent

By: Joey Esposito

Watching sports together to my family and I means everything, basketballand football are the top two for me. While watching these sports it seems that almost every game there is a commercial for Gatorade. Gatorade uses these all-star,big name athletes to help sell their product. Basketball was all about Michael Jordan, he was the face for Gatorade and other companies, but Gatorade was the one that suck out to me at first. For example the first Gatorade commercial was all about Michael Jordan and how if you drank Gatorade you would be like Mike. It shows little kids drinking Gatorade along with him all while playing a song about being like Mike.

One that I remember well for football was a commercial shown at the SuperBowl last year and it counted down the number of teams that go to the playoff until they were down to one and then they showed the Gatorade sign. Once again saying that if you drink Gatorade you will be like that one team that gets to win the Super Bowl. Obviously this is not true but it still brings people to think that if they drink Gatorade it could make them better.

It isn’t just these two sports that Gatorade targets they target a variety of different sports and also some non-sports topics. In one commercial I saw while watching a basketball game it had many different reasons for you to drink Gatorade.This commercial is naming off things that Gatorade want you to think of when you buy their product. It is telling you all the reasons to buy their product but none of the reasons why people that don’t exercise should not drink it.

I’m not saying that what these companies do is wrong because they have to make a living just like the rest of use but do it in a way that is true and not always just trying to manipulate people into buying your product. Most games now I either turn the channel or just don’t pay attention to the commercials because they are all the same.

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