Football and Advertisments

By: Garyn

Recently my family and I were glued to the television watching an NFL football game, the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the New York Jets.  All of us are very involved with the sport.  It is our lives.  I can only speak for myself, but when we began watching the game I was focusing on nothing else except for the game. I was not paying attention to any of the advertisements that were being thrown at me.  Through this course I have learned how the assimilation of associations into everyday life has been done so meticulously, it goes by without being notices or second guessed.  All the advertisements that we are exposed to are so common, its almost as if we tune them out unintentionally.

I became interested in going against the traditional flow, and obverting my attention to the advertisements that were presented during the game rather than the game itself.  It is mind blowing how every available chance the announcers slip in sponsors and other companies they are trying to promote. For instance, when a replay was shown, instead of saying “Let’s take a look at the replay,” the statement was along the lines of, “Let’s take a look at the replay brought to you by Verizon Wireless.”   When it came to presenting the half time report, it wasn’t “ the half time report,” it was “The Toyota Halftime Report!”

Not only do companies sneak advertisements in when the commentators are talking, they also use the players to sell products.  While watching the game, I noticed that many of the commercials were very sports oriented, such as trying to sell deodorant, body washes, sports drinks and athletic clothing.  The usage of the NFL players to do this is extremely cleaver.  When we see a familiar face on the television, we are more inclined to tune into that segment.  In younger individuals, especially, they feel like they need those products because their favorite player uses them too.

All of these commercials demonstrate products being advertised by professionals.  It is not necessarily a negative thing that companies do this, because after all they are the ones that allow for the giant and well equipped stadium to be built as well as the excellent video coverage for these that are attending from their living rooms.  Without them we wouldn’t have all the toys, clothing, and gadgets for the fans to collect and take pride in. We are constantly being exposed to these ads if not visually, then through audio and it is important that we understand companies are going to do whatever it takes to sell their product.  It is okay to acknowledge that, but we must not lose sight of the the sport itself.


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