NBA and Advertisement

By: John

I would have to start out by saying that basketball is by far my favorite sport of all time. It is a fast paced game that has a lot of opportunities to score and amuse the crowd. I most recently went to a Blazer game on Monday, January 24th during one of our mentor sessions and I sat in section 117 about 5 rows behind courtside. During the game it has hard not to notice how corporations have weaved their way into the professional side of basketball.
For instance, there are many advertisements through games during timeouts and halftimes to win prizes from cash prizes to washer and dryers from Standard TV and Appliance. Even when you look to the scores table all across the front are rotating advertisements for Nike, Les Schwab or you name it. What’s funny is that a majority of the time if you turn over your ticket there is some type of coupon. If you watch a game on TV it’s even worse, the announcers before every break dedicate it to some corporation or some type of name brand.

Now I don’t know if any other NBA stadium does this but if the Trail Blazers are to score over 100 points in a game it’s Chalupa time! And this is where everyone in the stadium gets a coupon to go redeem a free chalupa at taco bell.

I’m not saying that all this advertisement is necessarily a bad thing because its most of the reason that stadiums get re-renovated or that we can afford more and better players. But I believe that all this advertisement has taken something away from the game; because half the time I find myself looking around the stadium instead of focusing on the game.

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