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Amber Rozcicha




Pop Culture


   Nike has become a huge phenomenon in the world of fitness. I see it everywhere and it has become the top brand for fitness gear. I myself wear only Nike because I do believe that it is the best type of sports gear around and because Portland State is sponsored by Nike so that is the only brand I am allowed to wear to practice.

      Nike started out with just shoes back in the 1970’s designed for distance and cross country running. And they were called “ Waffle Iron” shoes. They were made to help improve the performance of distance runners and cross country runners and they are still used today. One of the most famous customers who used waffles was Steve Prefontaine. He was a track star from the University of Oregon and became a world known legacy in the 5,000 meter run and his legacy lives on today. Because of the knowledge we have acquired from a revolutionary runner like Prefontaine, it inspires us to wear the same things that he did in memory of him and because if you see an elite athlete wearing a type of fitness clothing it makes you want to wear it to because it gives you the idea that it will make you a better athlete.

     The clothing designed by Nike suites all types of sports and they have made a huge jump in how much more advanced their gear is from their shoes to their running gloves.This is another reason why Nike is so popular in our culture today because of how advanced and useful their gear is. It’s typically more expensive than a lot of other brands but people don’t care because they want the more advanced stuff. Also, Nike has been making more creative and flashy designs in their gear lately which has helped its business tremendously and puts other sports brands like Adidas and Reebok to shame. Nike can be used for professional athletes all the way down to people who have a light physical activity schedule.

        I literally live in Nike gear because of how much I train and compete. I train seven days a week, running about a weekly average from 50-75 miles a week and on top of that I compete every week as well at track meets. I get a lot of use out of Nike and I am a heavy customer in the sense that I often go to the Nike store to buy more gear because they reel me in! They are constantly making more stuff that’s even flashier and more advanced than the clothing they made a few months ago! And on top of that my role model athletes in the world of track and field wear nothing but the best and most advanced gear and I feel as though in order to be super fast and super successful like them, I too must wear the same stuff they wear and look just like them. An example would be from last year. I found out that my biggest role model Kara Goucher, who is a Olympian in the 5000 and 10000 meter run and world marathon record holder and repeating NCAA cross country champion wears arm sleeves from Nike. Just because I saw a picture of that, I went out and bought arm sleeves. I wanted to feel just like her.

         I have seen this pattern in a lot of other athletes and non athletes as well. Everyone wants to wear Nike because of what they claim they can do and because people see their athlete idols wearing Nike so they want to wear it too. As the Nike slogan goes, they want to “Just Do It.”



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