Oprah’s Farewell

By: Emilee Sievers

Oprah Winfery’s talk show is quickly rounding to an end on its 25th season, which is now the end to a key part of America’s popular culture. Oprah, Forbes’ most powerful woman for the last four years, is ending her long-lived show with many treats. On this season’s first episode, Oprah granted her entire studio audience with a paid vacation to join her in Australia… Wow! Certainly a first to television. And don’t forget the lavish give away she gifted her audiences on 2 separate episodes of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Oprah's Finale Season Premiere Show

But do not fret, Oprah will not be forgotten. Instead, she is launching her own television network named OWN, which will feature many different shows on how to live a beautiful, healthy, joyous life;  “your best life!” Her fame and power has certainly provided many fortunes in her life, growing up as a poor and abused child now being worth nearly 2.4 billion dollars.

Her audience varies, reaching millions of viewers. Once Oprah kicks her old time slot, America will be waiting to see who or what steps up to the plate. I predict a big shift in our television schedule that will skew ratings and number of viewers, but who is to tell where Oprah’s new opportunities from her OWN television station will bring to the media?

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