By: Meg

Snowboarding a great winter sport to play up in the Northwest. It’s awesome having such a beautiful Mountain to use. (Mt. Hood, which is only about an hour or so from Portland.) However, snowboarding seems to be a sport that caters to the “lazy, broke, college student.” In reality, it takes a lot of skill, balance coordination, and of course MONEY.  It takes a lot of money. It takes money for the gear, winter clothes, lift ticket, and transportation to, and from the mountain. On the contrary from snowboarding, there is the rich, old sport of skiing. This sport seems to cater to the wealthier, older folks.

I’ve never been skiing before, but I picked up snowboarding during my high school days. I had a few friends that competed on the high school snowboard team. Just to join that team, it was a whopping $800. What 17 year old has $800 laying around? With enough begging, bargaining, and extra chores, my parents were willing to pay for a few of my lift tickets to Hood. Now, I don’t have the best track record with sticking to sports. I stopped, and gave up on many sports. However, I promised my parents I would stick to it. I just assumed I would love the sport. Ever since, I love the sport. I love being in nature, riding down the mountain as long as I can without falling. I don’t need to learn tricks, but it’s great being in the clean, fresh air. I get cold easily, but the sport definitely worth fighting the cold. Plus the snow is too beautiful to avoid! 😀

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