Television and the Internet

By: Trevor Herbst

Cable television and satellite may be a thing of the past, at least in my house.  The discussion here is about how television entertainment is more often than not watched on a computer now.  With monthly charges as large as $39.99 for just the starting plans there is no wonder why more people are converting to internet watching.  Watching TV on your computer allows you to watch the shows you enjoy, at the time you prefer and with limited commercial interruptions.

With companies out there like you are able to order movies direct to your address without the hassle of even going to the rental store and with a price of $9.99 a month it surely beats paying for the HBO/Showtime packages with cable companies.  As an added bonus to this deal Netflix offers streaming direct to your computer.  This allows you to watch tons of show and movies instantly, without ordering.

Another popular website that allows you to watch many of your favorite show is Hulu is another streaming website filled with shows from all of the big networks.  Each episode is posted with 24 hours of its airing to you can stay up to date at the office when your coworkers talk about the latest hits.  There are no monthly fees and for many of the show you don’t even have to register to go on and give it a try.

Along with these there are many other ways you can watch your favorite show and movies to quiet cheap or even free and the best thing is that you are avoiding the cable company’s outrages monthly charges.

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