The History of Call of Duty

By: Mitchell

Blog: Call of Duty

Games have become more and more popular as the years have gone by. But one certain title has been around for – years and has stormed the gaming world. The Call of Duty franchise has been one of the highest rated games this decade. They have made seven different games, with different modes for each of them, and they have also made map packs for almost every game. The franchise is run and operated by Infinity Ward, Activision, Treyarch, and a few others, but the creator himself is no other than Ben Chichoski.

From Call of Duty: Finest Hour to Call of Duty: Black Ops the gaming world has been mesmerize by the impact this franchise has done. When the first title for Call of Duty was released on October 2003, it came out and shocked people with the graphics and the game play you have to remember for the time it was beyond that we knew of. The first two game titles were intended for the PC, but were later manufactured for home game systems. But when Xbox release their Xbox 360 console in November of 2005, that’s when Call of Duty series made the franchise they were hoping to build, boom. From there on the Call of Duty series just keep on getting popular, they started making action figures, they started putting in special gifts for the game owners, and they made a new game mode for the 5th installment of the series, Call of Duty: World at War which was released November 2008.

This certain installment of the series in my opinion is the reason why the franchise is so big today. This certain game was the foundation for the rest of the series that were in the making, it made a huge impact in the gaming world. It was a huge step in the online multiplayer mode, the cooperative mode, and the installment of the Nazi Zombies which is growing fast for the series. The 6th installment of the series made a huge impact on the multiplayer side of things, it made huge leaps that were not capable of thought of in the recent games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released in November of 2009,it was the huge hit in the multiplayer and in the new mode they created. Special Ops, it was created in place of the usually Nazi Zombies that were used in the previous title World at War. In the mode Special Ops you were able to play with either with a friend on the same console or with a person online, similar to the mode Nazi Zombies, and be able to compete and/or team up to achieve certain goals. This title among the franchise, according to, alone gross over a billion dollars in retail this year.

The most anticipated title of the Call of Duty series in my opinion and according to is Call of Duty: Black Ops. According to, “’Call of Duty: Black Ops can become the game with ‘biggest launch in entertainment history,’” (Jakeman). This most current of the series is the seventh installment and was release in November of 2010. This title was sold worldwide and grossed over 550 million in the first five days it was put on the shelves, according to This title featured the highly anticipated Zombies which is a mode that came back from the 5th installment. This title rather than others was the first one to be set in the Cold and Vietnam War. The graphics that this title presented in both the game play and the cut scenes are remarkable, the creators surpassed the potential people had thought it would be. This part of the series is one of the best and one the most dynamic of them all. You can do so much whether it is online, zombies, campaign, or finding the secrets that Treyarch put in the game. This game has set up the frame for great games to come; this franchise has set the bar for all of the games in the gaming world.

If you look at what the gaming world has come to from the original Pac man and Atari to the enormous Madden franchise, games are a huge part of our society. Call of Duty many can say is in their own category, they have made huge strides in the entertainment industry and in the gaming world. If you ever watch television you might have seen the commercial that was put out for Call of Duty: Black Ops, that featured celebrities shooting at each like you would do in the game play of the game. From this to their specials that they put in their game pack, for instance they put NVG’s, night vision goggles, in the Prestige Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In Call of Duty: Black Ops they decided to put in a remote controlled surveillance vehicle in the Prestige Pack which was inspired by the RC-XD which is in the game play of Call of Duty: Black Ops, (Kuchera). Gaming will be around for a while, Call of Duty will be around forever whether people are playing the first installment of the series or if they are playing the 15th installment, Call of Duty will be remember for their creative and dynamic games.

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