The Integrity of Advertisement

By: Chris F

Advertising is great for business when it does its job. That is to grab people’s attention and draw them to the company or product to make some kind of sale. There are many ways of doing this; putting up billboards, taking out ads whether online or in a paper, and quite possibly the best way is to air a commercial. Sometimes you might hear about a great commercial that was funny or gave some kind of message but you have no idea what it was actually about until you see it again and really pay attention. The commercial got you hooked but it did not do its primary job of linking that emotion of happiness to the product. Advertising has strayed far from just making their product known by being caught up in wild clips or a picture of an attractive person maybe holding the product or shown using it.

A company must consider when planning a commercial or ad in the paper if it will grab the consumer’s attention, and maybe even more importantly will it put them in a good light. A company might want to show they have cut back on prices therefore people would want to buy from them, but they cannot do that by displaying a third world country building your child’s doll. Instead they might just say “reducing costs” or have a simple picture of a slash going through a picture of money. The point is the ads must reflect the company and what they stand for. Keeping that in mind I want to know what companies that use highly attractive people in advertising want the general public to think about them. Maybe they figure it will not occur to people to draw up some kind of connection between them and their product, but the truth is people do. Advertising cannot just be about making a sale. There has to be some kind of limit to what people are willing to see in order to be convinced of making a purchase. I guess what I am trying to say is corporations have to have some moral integrity left to put limits on what they are capable of doing to raise the bottom line. One place to start would be to slow up on the mindless commercials and put some more thought into them than a bunch of sexy people prancing around and at the end have their logo appear on the screen.

There are plenty of commercials that can both make us laugh and get across their message of “buy our product” without having to insult peoples intelligence. In fact for me some of the best commercials are the ones that leave some kind of message behind to think about once it is over. Any other one that I remember are the ones that make me laugh. It may not make me want to go out and buy their product right away but if I am passing by in a store and I see the product on the shelf and I start to laugh then there is more of a chance I am going to buy it. Major companies have to know that people value intelligence, maybe not as much as other qualities but it counts, and to completely ignore it when coming up with ideas to sell does not help any society. This is especially true when people are being bombarded with advertisements every day without even knowing it. There just has to be a point when people will realize virtual sexuality does not make your drink taste better in your living room.

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