By: Hanna Gustafson

Every year, the best NFL team in each conference competes in the championship game called the Super Bowl. This event is so popular that it is now considered a national holiday call Super Bowl Sunday. It draws huge mass media coverage. In my opinion, the Super Bowl has become more and more popular because of the commercials. Advertising companies use the Super Bowl to premiere their commercials. Almost everyone in the United States ends up watching the game/commercials for different reasons. My sister despises sports, but she watches the Super Bowl because she loves seeing the commercials. She’s definitely not the only one in this category. I think more often than not the general public watch this game because of the commercials. If someone doesn’t like commercials or football, there is always halftime! During halftime, a famous artist performs, and this draws a whole new audience. This E-trade commercial is one of the most famous commercials and it was first aired during the Super Bowl.

Everyone who watches the Super Bowl is a part of the public sphere. They are participating in the awareness of the Super Bowl. I feel that the advertisements take away from the actual game. But then again the commercials attract more viewers.

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