Visual Stimulation

By: Ross Morrell

Our world today has  seemed to be ruled by visually stimulating media. You can’t turn on the television or walk down the street without being almost attacked by moving objects and flashing colors and lights. Do we need all these eye popping visuals just to get people’s attention these days?

One example of this is local news stations. It seems every one has to have sweeping graphics to not only introduce the program but also when returning from commercial breaks. It’s hard not to think, “Is the news really so boring that the producers have to put in ridiculous graphics just to keep our attention?”

It seems like the advertisements that are put on display have gotten so wrapped up with the visual stimulation that they are not saying anything. The message is lost somewhere in all the colors and graphics. For example the Coca-Cola ad below: Do all the swirls of colors and patterns really have anything to do with a cola drink?

A movie I watched seemed to go over the top with this sort of visual stimulation that people seem drawn to so much. The movie is called “Enter The Void”, it’s a look into life, death, and drugs in Tokyo done with enough visual stimulation to give your grandma a seizure. The film’s point was to be over the top visuals because that’s what the story entailed but some of the content is lost by the constant strobing of colors. Below is the opening credits of the film which sets it up perfectly for what the audience is about to experience through the rest of the film. Quentin Tarantino called the film’s opening credits, “one of the greatest in cinema history”.



Although I am a huge fan of “Enter the Void” it makes you wonder what is really hiding under all the flashing lights and graphics with all the other media that is pumped up with such visual stimulation. Do we even need all these graphics, lights, and colors?




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