Technologies of Advertising

By: Chris

These days, the average American is exposed to a few thousand advertisements on any given day, they are delivered through a wide range of mediums which are constantly growing in number and efficiency. Over the last century as technology, particularly communications technology, has evolved and grown more sophisticated, so has the means to market everything from presidential candidates to cheeseburgers. Things began to change with the invention of the radio and continued with the invention of the television; new relationships between technology and everyday life would form as people began to rely on these single appliances for information as well as entertainment.

Farther into the future, after the invention of the computer, came the internet which made things exponentially more complicated as the limits of communication grew and still continues to grow to staggering heights. Surfing the internet now exposes us to the highest concentration of advertising as it possible, each new page may have dozens of advertisements and pop-ups that are automatically tailored to the users preferences as to attract the maximum attention. The commercials for the search engine depict good examples of the bombardment of different media with an action as simple as a single query. The advertisements themselves are charged with the latest in psychological techniques to influence the consumer in the hopes of selling a product or to obtain support for a cause.

Finally, even though technology continues to become more powerful, it is also getting smaller, which provides even more of an advantage. Samsung is developing a new OLED screen that is only twenty micrometers thick, which makes it as flexible as its lamination is as well as extremely durable, while still retaining its high definition picture. Now imagine the same technology used on a cereal box, a new kind of self updating newspaper, animated clothing or wallpaper, the possibilities are amazing and scary simultaneously, and they are not as futuristic as some might think.

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