Culture Through Brand Names

By: Vitaly

While I was thinking about a topic that closely relates to my life and popular culture, I quickly began to see the immense relations between car brands and popular culture. It was intense to se how a brand carries with it a strong relation to popular culture that expresses status, culture and other important connotations.

Being an owner of a Volkswagen, I immersed myself into the world of Volkswagens. At first I didn’t think I could have any relationships to other Volkswagen owners, but to my surprise my relationships to other Volkswagen owners subconsciously was stronger than I thought. I began to really notice my relationship to other owners when I had problems with my car or when I would try to tune it. I saw how easily I can relate to other owners by owning the same brand vehicle even though it may look different than the rest. Here are some pictures relating to the differences of Volkswagens, but having the same name brand name bring about a small culture

The cars are completely different, but by having the same brand name create a culture that allows people to relate to one another.

Furthermore, I was able to join a Volkswagen forum to further immerse myself into the Volkswagen world. Once I joined the forum I began to really see the culture that was developed through owning the same brand name vehicle.

I would have never thought that popular culture would reach out to the creation of cultures through vehicle brand names. It is however nice to be a part of culture that relates to one another through the creation of one brand name.




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