How the Weird turns Normal

by: Jungwho Kim

From the early 70’s to the present, maybe even since the dawn of time, genres are never genres to begin. Perhaps an oddity, a social outcast, something completely out of the norm, is shunned upon by society but eventually if enough of these oddities come together they form a group and through criticism and opposition they overcome their adversities and create a whole new genre.  Choices are made by the mass-media, maybe to shun these outcasts in the beginning but later as the ball begin to roll, popular culture accepts them and creates a whole new identity for generations to learn about, live, and become.

In the past rock and roll was played and listened to only by hooligans and rebels.  With the movement of the 70’s many people turned to rock and roll for inspiration and release.  People danced, people sang, people Banged their heads up and down.  Now we accept rock and roll as one of the biggest cultural innovations of music from America and the world.  People may have turned their heads at teenagers wearing tight shirts and screaming vocal chords but now bands and individuals like Aerosmith and Jimi Hendrix have become a part of America’s folklore to many people.

A classic depiction of this is the movie “Footloose”.  Hopefully I don’t have to go further in to detail about Kevin Bacon and company.  For everyone that doesn’t know about this they can enrich themselves by watching it.

But basically this kid becomes this guy.

Anyways as times change we only progress as a collective culture when individuals explore new things whether they are treated as outcasts or geniuses for their efforts. Mass-media takes this and may not accept this right away but once enough influence is amassed it is embedded into our popular culture.




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