NW Culture

By: Nick Simms

When thinking of the Northwest, what do you think of?  The outdoors, our beautiful scenery, the rain, or maybe a good micro brew. The great Pacific Northwest has it’s own traits and qualities that you really can’t find anywhere else. I have lived in Oregon my whole life, and there are still so many places I need to go and things to see. From British Columbia down to Portland, the Northwest offers beauty in all parts. The idea of Northwest culture brings me to thinking of the people that make up this area. People are a huge part of culture wherever you are and here in the Northwest we have all different kinds.

The laidback, stress free lifestyle is so common amongst Oregonian’s and people of the Northwest. I have traveled all around the U.S. and have seen what people are like everywhere. Here in the Northwest, people don’t really care what others think of them, and social status is much less important. I feel the people are a big part of what the Northwest stands for.

Being a wetter, milder climate, with warm summers, our outdoor activities are endless. In the winter we have the some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. When spring comes around, everyone is ready to get outside and hike our numerous mountains or rock climb at the world renowned Smith Rock.

Some may be familiar with the term Cascadia, but most probably aren’t aware of what it means. Cascadia is a proposed name for a nation that would consist of British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington. The idea of Cascadia is that of regions with shared cultures and interests that can surpass international borders. A region combining ecology, economics, and culture. When I hear Cascadia, I think of outdoors, wilderness, and cold, wet weather, which sounds like the Northwest. As of January 2011, Cascadia was number 8 on Time Magazines top ten list of aspiring nations. I think it’s time the Northwest has it’s own.

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