Portlandia Pop Culture

By: Madeleine


“Portlandia” is one more of these pop-culture phenomena that seems to succeed despite severely alienating a pretty substantial chunk of the population. It’s a bit like “Stuff White People Like” but more absurd (and funnier) and with a sightly more narrowed focus. “Portlandia” makes fun of, and selects exclusively for its audience, hipsters. Overeducated, hyper-environmentally-conscious, supremely-soft-hearted-liberal, white narcissistic indie-kid hipsters who ride bikes, clutter their Netflix queues, sleep ’til noon and own 12 3G gadgets. And it all takes place in West-Coast Hipster Mecca, Portland, OR.

Starring “Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, it’s a segmented show in which Armisen and Brownstein alternate male and female roles: as New age women bookstore owners; as a shmoozy, organic and free-range minded couple who “ooooo” over the birth documents and on the farm Polaroids of the chicken they just ordered for dinner; as gentle, polyamorous farm dwellers. Armisen and Brownstein are awesome together. Really, really, very good and hardcore funny. I guess it’s chemistry they’ve got. They’ve got good chemistry. Sick chemistry.

My favorite is the Dream of the 90’s song

I find it particularly interesting that this show takes talent from outside our metro area to create a hit sitcom. Yes, Brownstein was a Portlander for 10 years, but she had to leave the City of Roses to find fame and money. I wonder how many people in Portland are benefiting from this comedy? Plus I wonder how “Portlandia” will do as a show? It throws some mean punches, and a couple of scenes left me feeling a tad awkward, but always laughing. You don’t need to have been to Portland to feel the burn. But, happily, I expect “Portlandia” will keep giving its audience more pies to the face. I wonder if this is how “guidos” feel when they watch “Jersey Shore“?

My 2nd favorite is the  Put A Bird on It Skit

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