Second Life Another Life you give birth to

By: John Milburn

The real world has a lot of evils for the kid that is a social out cast people aren’t as nice as we would like them to be. Our schooling tells us to accept others but we can hardly accept our self’s. Lucky for us there is a place were people like me and maybe people like you can go and have fun with others like our self’s it is called Second Life.

What is Second Life you may ask well it is a whole nether world where you can be what ever you want to be and go places where others like you are and have friends and a social life. I have had to compare it to places like the Sims only its mass multiplayer online.

Second life has something for every one that’s what makes it so appealing. It is a place to reinvent your self in to something completely different. Second life is popular due to the interaction of people and other people but not having to actually go anywhere, so people that are normally shy can go and talk on line with confidence. This is just some of the things that make second life popular for people. But for others it is a life for them one of my friends has had so much tragity in her life that second life (SL) is an excape for her. In SL she is a very welthy girl who has a wonder full marrage with kids. In Real life (RL) she is a certiyed nurces assistant with a dead husband at the age of twenty seven.  This is a typical defence thing for a person to do hid in a place they know they are safe from all the real world.

Over time seond life has evolved like the real world has. The money has crached the land went down in price but there is no war or death. I do plan on giving more indepth SL talks in the days to come and even show people how to use it if they would like to know more. So please feel free to ask.


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