Sexualizing Products

By: Dora Lisa

People are targeted every day, with ads that vary from food, music to technology and so on. What I have noticed even more now than before, is the way in which the media uses

sexuality in order to promote their products. No longer are companies using traditional ways to advertise their products, but now they are even imposing sexual roles onto the

products themselves; thus takes a whole new spin on marketing and the technique in which the companies use.

I am not only appalled by the way in which companies use this strategy, sadly some people who see these adds and believe its clever and funny. I beg to differ, they are using the products the same way companies use to objectify women and men, this not only is disgusting, but I believe it to be pathetic for the companies to do. I’m addition, in multiple instances; the company chooses to suggest the products to take on gender roles.

Regardless, of the way in which companies use sexuality with their products, I take a stand by not purchasing these products. This simple act not only I believe exemplifies what I am not willing to purchase, but more importantly sex does not have to sell. When it comes to advertisement, take a stand.


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