Why Cars?

By Elias

Everyone wishes they had a nice brand new car. The question is why? When you think about it does it really matter that are car is nice, and new if it does its job? However our culture today suggest that you need to drive a nice car. The car has had a huge influence on society, cars have been influencing almost every aspect of our lives since i could remember. Our current culture rely on cars more then many can imagine. I believe that cars are one of the most important symbols of popular culture today. It has social and cultural impact on each of us. Many people judge themselves and the people around them by the type of cars they drive.  It is also interesting how over the years the varieties of cars have increased dramatically. Over time what people consider to be a nice car has changed as well. For example having a big car was very popular for a long time. Then as soon as this idea of sustainability was brought up the car corporations altered there designs to fit the needs and wants of the people.

The cars that are built currently alter in type as well. Some are built to save money on gas. Some car are built for power, and some are built for speed. Then there are the ones that are built for both. An example of a car that is currently bought for its power and speed would be the 2011 Chevy Camaro. This car is very popular now due to the fact it holds these two very important qualities as well as being very aesthetically pleasing. These cars are built to fill the needs and wants of the people who will be buying them. When a company is designing a car they have to take into consideration, whether the car falls into what we consider popular culture. So that they have faith that there product will be sold.

Now this aspect of cars being popular, is an important aspect of our life. However it is not only something we find in the US. Cars are a huge part of cultures all around the world. Everywhere you go you can find new and improved cars. These cars are all built to please the people who are buying them. So these company must always be changing with the culture of the people. That’s why I believe the new cars being made have a huge effect by popular culture, as well has those cars having a huge effect on us as well.

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