Silly Bands to Sex Bands

By: Kate

They may seem silly, but there is a message behind these silicon shapeshifting accessories that most parents would not approve of. The controversies over these neon bracelets remains mainly around their ability to distract the kids during their school hours. School districts focus mainly on what the makers of these “Silly Bandz” intended their toy to do, become an accessory children obsessively wear.

Silly Bands in Schools

But what school officials and parents alike don’t see is the correlation between the “sex bands” of middle school and the “Silly Bandz” of the elementary wing. “Sex bands” are plastic stretchable bands that are worn around kids wrists, but watching the safety of of your “Sex bands” was the name of the game. Depending on the color, if a band was pulled and snapped it meant certain “events” had to occur. Red meant kissing, pink meant making out, purple meant… well, I cant type what purple meant. Are “Silly Bandz” the new sex bracelet of the k-5 grades? Children supposedly are becoming more sexual at a progressively younger ages, so is there a connection between these two colorful plastic accessories? I think so!

MSNBC News Cast on Sex Bracelets


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