The Internet and Art/ Jeremy O’Connell

When I was 16 years old, bored out of mind and hating High School, and everything that goes along with it,  I came across a website while I should have been working in one of my classes. That website was
I was shocked, and flabbergasted. And completely blown out of the water by this website. The artists! The lifestyle! the D.I.Y aesthetic of it all! This website lead me to more and more that were dedicated to the one thing i had truly loved for my entire life: art. Looking back on it now I realize that without the internet I would have never been introduced to these artists that were creating artwork that was new and exciting, and to go even further i would never have discovered what i wanted to make a living and base my life around.
Before the explosion of the internet, art seemed to be a bubble of inaccessible galleries and curators and creators all striving to have one good gallery show that made them get press and become well known. Apart from networking with those around you it was difficult to become well known. The networking that was done at that time also made it so their were separated  art societies that rarely intersected, making people become increasingly dependent on only those that lived in their cities.
Compare this to today. Websites are being created and curated by people all across the world that have instant access to anyone and everyone that decides to put their artwork online. websites like
and hundreds of other blogs are focused and dedicated to bringing to the masses art from around the world. It is becoming increasingly easy to make one well done piece of art, have it picked up by the blogosphere, and become an overnight sensation. I guess in that sense the art world hasn’t changed but transfered from the real world to the digital realm. The difference is that instead of having isolated bubbles of artists creating in their own cities, artists are being connected to each other through the internet and in doing so the art world has been completely changed. While galleries may be closing down the internet has made it so that people can have successful careers making and selling their artwork to people all around the world.
The creation of the internet has lead to renovations and complete overhauls in the way we think and act in modern day society, especially so in the art world where now everyone can post any type of art they think is interesting. We as artists are now forced to push our work to a level that was once, to a certain extent not expected of artists. The connection allows us to share our work as well with anyone with an internet connection and an interest in art.

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