By Meg:

I’ve noticed the new trend of eating organic food, and decline of eating fast food. Eating organic food is not only healthier, but it has become more popular. Maybe it’s because it’s in the Pacific Northwest, or is it also all around the country? Recently, I watched the movie Food Inc, and it really opened my eyes. I never realized how bad the problem was, plus I never knew how poorly the cows, and chickens were mistreated. I feel everyone should watch this movie, and take it into consideration about what they eat. The movie was really disturbing, and really sad. In fact, it almost made me cry to see what these poor animals go through just for our eating needs.

With movies like Food Inc, more, and more people are turning to eating healthier food. Fast food is still popular in American Culture, but at least in Oregon the popularity has declined. When eating organic food, might have been seen as a “hippyish” thing to do, now it’s increasing. I’ve happier to see more research done about how chickens, and cows are raised. With locations like Farmer’s Market, New Seasons, and Trader Joe’s it’s a lot easier to attain organic food. The only unfortunate thing is how expensive it is. It’s certainly not cheap, but the experience of these locations is fun. It also helps to raise awareness about how bad fast food is.

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