Beer, and sex, and Adrian Brody.

Jeremy O’Connell

The advertisement above ran during the Super Bowl, and is now constantly run in between shows like, “The View” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” giving us a hint at the demographic that the beer company Stella Artois seem to be aiming most of their money at. Middle aged women . This is not sexist I promise, since according to Nielsen Media Research  the key demographic of “The View” is 18-49 year old womenThe_View_(U.S._TV_series)#Hasselbeck.2FO.27Donnell_argument, and Jimmy Fallons key demographic is 25-45 year old women.

It seems that the company Stella Artois seem to be using Adrian Brody as a new sex symbol for the every woman. Making the women in the bar cry just from his sultry voice, he interacts with them all, wiping a tear from one woman’s face while gently moving through the crowd and looking at something unknown in the back. He continues to sing as he walks through the crowd eventually coming across a woman sitting down with an empty beer glass in front of her. He continues to sing and become increasingly frustrated by something until all of a sudden a new glass filled with his “favorite” beer Stella Artois slides in front of him. The women who thought he was singing directly to her now realizes he was actually singing about his distinct lack of good beer, and puts a pouty face on while the camera cuts back to Brody.

The commercial seems rather normal at first but when thought about for a while it becomes rather odd. It seems that more than anything the commercial is stating to women, that in order to make a man stay with you, you need to buy him Stella Artois and make sure that he never runs out. Or in order to make him pay attention to you, don’t take him out with you. For men it has an even deeper meaning in the replacement of women and to a lesser extent sex, with a beer. The commercial is saying to men that the beer is so good you don’t need to interact with women because the beer is going to replace them.

Going even further the commercial can be seen as derogatory for a number of reasons. The women are portrayed as fawning doe eyed caricatures, who will swoon to anyone singing a song to them. There are no men in the bar except for Adrian Brody, making it become a dreamlike, false reality that people watching the commercial believe to be truth, especially so men.

In the end it seems to be that more and more companies are focused on creating false realities on television and in the commercials that they show, that we as a people eat up as something that could happen in real life.

Also this isn’t the first sexy drink commercial Adrian Brody has been in.

and just for fun here’s this.


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