Ideology Behind The Swastika (卐)

By: Ross Morrell

Today images have more meaning than ever before. These images can bring out commands, give you information, and even arise emotion. The symbol that is a very strong example is the swastika symbol. A symbol that has been used since ancient times but today is really only remembered for it’s association with the Nazi Party in Germany during World War Two. This symbol immediately brings thoughts of the Holocaust, discrimination, and evil. The ideology behind this symbol is so strong. You have to ask yourself, with all of it’s other meanings that have been so deeply driven into other cultures, why do these ideas hold so strong?

This symbol is so strong that just by being around it you seem to be labeled things that are less than flattering. One of my friends from home and singer Taylor Swift found this out the hard way. My friend AJ, went to a party where everyone wore white and painted each other. On his shirt there was painted a swastika as a joke and later at that party he met Taylor Swift and asked for a picture with her. The picture of them together later made it’s way to the people at the celebrity blog site TMZ and it became news. The story was skewed to make it seem like Taylor Swift was at a Nazi support party and the “JH” painted on her shift meant “Jew Hater” or “Jew Hunter” after the character from the film “Inglorious Bastards”. Obviously the story was so out there that most people didn’t buy it but there did seen to be a slight backlash from Taylor Swift’s fans.

I believe that the ideology of this symbol is so strongly rooted in our culture because of it’s use in entertainment. It seems every year there is at least a few movies made that have Nazis in them and the swastika is always a must have for their costumes and sets designs. Unless a stronger ideology for the symbol comes into place that can push the Nazi ideology aside I think we will be looking at the swastika being a symbol of hate for a very long time.

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