Single & Happy

By: Marissa

That particular phrase tends to show up after sorting through a variety of sub headers saying “Love & Dating” (on the assumption that one is looking if one is not dating) then “Broken Hearts Club” (assuming that if one is looking it is because the person is no longer in a relationship) then one finds the phrase “Be Single & Happy” the article then mentions how the media affects the view of being single only after being dragged through a rather negative header and then the title assumes that if one is single, that single person needs to learn to be happy.

There is, as mentioned in one of the videos watched, a feedback loop. There is a representation of wanting to not be single constantly being played. An example is grocery store checkout stands’ magazines’ covers focused on how to improve current relationships or which celebrity is seeing, married to, getting married to, or in some other form, in a relationship with whomever else.

Furthermore, television is inundated with shows that are focused on being in a relationship. Things such as the Bachelor/ette are shows devoted to one person finding someone else. And sitcoms focused on relationships. Like Two & a Half Men, with both of the men either trying to be in new relationships or being affected by old ones or How I Met Your Mother where the entire premise of the show is based on the relationship. Then there are teen movies that are centered on getting dates for whatever dance, or winning over that one person that don’t necessarily call to one’s attention that it is focused on the relationship. Such as the remake of Rear Window as Disturbia, sure it starts as a thriller, but the main character does get the girl.

The media is constantly displaying signs that one should be searching out a relationship, and if one is not then that person needs to learn to be happy. This, like the food feedback loop, leads to at least the introduction of the idea to those who are being bombarded by these images of being single as a transitional period between relationships and if one is single, one should be seeking a relationship or having to figure out how to be happy. Like the initiation of the idea that a woman eating food should be secretive. Then the pressure to be something other than single is initiated by the ideas being displayed.

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