Super Movies in a Time of Super Heroes

By: Chris F

Movies have always been a part of our culture. They create conversation topics, entertain us, and even pass along important messages if they are powerful enough. Everyone remembers the first three original Star Wars movies and now they have become American classics that will not be forgotten easily. Now it seems like most movies created and put in theaters are one watch movies that are fun to watch, but not something you want to revisit. They are a one hit wonder, meaning they hit or grab the audience’s attention and then they wonder why they went to see it. I do not understand how this can be the case when we have had such amazing films like original Disney movies; Lion King, Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Godfather.

It seems like another strategy is being implemented in order to interest people in movies that do not have the same plot as the past 10 before it. That looks like it is to remake old movies in a more current time image, also known as sequels. This is a good idea if they can manage to make them as good as before or better than the original. One particular type of movie that caught my attention is super hero movies. Something any child can watch and want to inspire to be for Halloween or impersonate around the house. The amount of superhero remakes seems to be increasing as time passes. It started off with an X-men and Spider man movie, then Batman, and Ironman, with a few sequels following both. Now they already made The Green Hornet, and plan to make Captain America, The Green Lantern, and Thor. A question I have is why?

Each of these heroes each stands for their own ideals and morals with the common factor that they stand up for what is good. With this being the case it might be possible that the film industry is trying to put some substance back into the movies. Another cause for each year having more super hero movies could be this generation having their own form of the same story. By reinventing the story with different characters the same ideals and morals can be presented to this new generation instead of relying on the older heroes.

The last option that is possible for this increase in hero movies could be the times we are living in require some distraction and maybe some hope. These classic comic heroes have the potential to be aimed at the adults who grew up with them. Instead of stressing about how to make ends meet or about the hard day at work, these adults have a chance for a break for an hour or two. After watching one of their favorite heroes on the big screen, they could go home with a little bit of relief ready to take on the next challenges and be a hero of their own kind. By remembering what it was like in their childhood growing up wearing Spider man PJs and a Superman cape to bed, all the bad moments can fade away for a few hours.

These heroes played their part in many people’s lives in many ways, and to decline a new generation of that opportunity would be a crime of the century for the film industry. The next time you are with your family or maybe by yourself watching your favorite hero on the big screen, remember what it was like before, and what these new memories will bring to others who might be experiencing it for the first time.

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