Superhero Movies

By: Ashley

Everyone is familiar with superheroes. We all know who Batman, Spiderman, and Superman are. Even if you don’t read comics, plenty of movies about them have been made over the years. But for some reason, a lot filmmakers are starting to jump on the genre and everywhere you look, a new superhero movie is being made.


Eight movies about Superheroes are coming out in the next two years alone, including The Avengers, which will have eight different Marvel superheroes in it. Others include Green Lantern (2011), Thor (2011), X-Men: First Class (2011), and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).


In Dialectic of Enlightenment, Adorno discusses the culture industry, mass production and consumerism and the effects of it. “The relentless unity of the culture industry” is evident in the abundance of films in the genre today. Adorno says that the producers are experts—they know the formula, they know that they can feed the consumers what they are comfortable with—and they know how to follow the rules of the product, which in this case is the Superhero genre.


Adorno goes on to say that some people “demand reproduction processes which inevitably lead to the use of standard products to meet the same needs at countless locations.” This is seen in the Spiderman movies, including the remake that will come out in 2012. There are the Spiderman comics, movies, multiple cartoon versions, videogames, and even a Broadway play.



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