The Internet is fattening

By: Trevor Herbst

The internet is the fall in united health.  People today rely on the internet for almost everything in their lives.  It allows the user to do just about anything with the click of the mouse.  You can do anything from ordering food to playing games and file your taxes.  Everything today revolves around the internet and all of these things are making us fatter.

Having this ease of access is allowing people to support their laziness and let it to take over.  As I was saying before the internet has allowed people to order food online.  Websites such as and even supermarket websites such as allow you to order your entire grocery list online and have it brought to your door within a day of ordering.

Children from a young age are told to indulge themselves in videogames and watching to take their mind off the day and to have some fun.  The youth of the world is being devoured into this lazy culture of ten hour a day in front of the computer with limited brakes.  Videogames such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty let you level up through your in gaming experience and they award you for things such as time played.  Things like this support the idea that the longer you play the game the better you will be and the better you are in videogames the more known you become.  Videogames like this are entirely based on popularity and domination.

To wrap things up I think that there should be a movement to help get people off their butts and out into the world.  Sitting in front of the computer all day does good for nobody so get out there and achieve something other than gaming points.

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