Thinking like an inverted egyptian upside down and under water. Thinking Criticallly Yet?

     What is critically thinking? From the course and from my own acquired definition, I believe that being a critical thinker means, that you are able to analyze something from other vantage points other than your own. A Critical thinker has the ability to look at both the pros and cons of any subject or situation and after thinking about the different possible outcomes is able to make their own decision. They will also go out of their way to be informed by doing research or whatever is needed to make knowledgeable decision. I feel that I have always been somewhat of a critical thinker, but that I have improved upon that through this semester. A good example of my improvement is in my paper, “Human?”(next page) it was very difficult for me to write this paper because I wasn’t sure literally how to write it. After pursuing assistance via the writing center and Ann Marie, I was able to sit down and get my ideas out on paper. I didn’t stop there, I then went and took quotes out of the texts we have been reading and included opposing quotes to act as dialogue, which I then used to support the point I was trying to make I don’t normally don’t do this but learned how useful it was to include. Then I printed multiple drafts and continued to fine tune it, to be sure it was saying what I wanted to say. In the end it came out well and so supports my growth as a critical writer.


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