Women in Advertisements

By: Joey Esposito

In advertisements women are often used to help sell a product. Most on the
time these women appear to be “perfect”, tight bodies, big breast, and have
on little clothing. In the readings from last week they talked about women in
advertisements and films and how the women are always beautiful and that is the
way everybody should look. These girls show what most men desire. In other
words even if the ad is advertising something that a man has no intentions of buying
these women will still catch his eye and make him watch the ad.

In the first commercial we have a man spraying axe all over himself and half naked
women coming from all over the world to admire him. This ad tells me that the man
really doesn’t care about how he smells he just wants the girls to come. Which when
another man is watching this commercial he is probably thinking the same thing
he doesn’t really care about the axe but wants to watch the girls instead. On the
other hand when women are watching this commercial they feel like they to should
all look like these beautiful women. These advertisements set a standard of what
women should look like even though in reality the best thing about people is that no
matter what your “type” is they is someone for you.

In the second commercial there is two guys sitting on the beach looking at a
beautiful blonde women with a case of beer. When she starts talking about the beer
we immediately think that she is talking about her breast when really she is talking
about the new plastic bottles that Coors came out with. She holds them up net to
her breast so that it still seems like she could be talking about getting implants. This
to me is not only a commercial for beer but also for fake breast. She is “low key”
saying that they are okay for women to have done and that they are great. This
again is putting doubt in women’s minds that they are beautiful just how they are
and that in order to look that the woman in the commercial they would have to get

Like the readings from last week these advertisements show what the ideology of
women is instead of the reality. You never see a normal woman on a commercial or
billboard unless they show how their product has changed that normal woman into
once again a “perfect” looking girl.

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