ADs and Censorship do we Need Them?

By John Milburn


Media is a powerful tool; people use it in all sorts of reasons.  Media is amazing and it is not just for entertainment any more. Now entertainment comes with commercials and product placement, oh and the best way to try to push the boundaries on what can air on TV. Censorship and ads that’s what entertainment is now really what we watch. But there was a time in which people did not care what they put on TV the reasons we have censers like in 1978 we had the Gong shows popsicle twins incident


Now you can see how to day that would have affected the censers but back in the 70s when the show was pushing the censers all ready that just pushed it too far (The Dana Carvey show who went through 4 spongers in 8 episodes then was canceled (1993)). Then after couple of other things that happened on TV we had stricter censers, but some argued that that was an infringement on peoples freedom of speech.


Then aside from thinking about taking our right to free speech we are bombarded with advertisements and messages about what we should buy. So if you have time watch the 22 min episode of The Dana Carvey show by Mountain dew and spot the times they say it and how many sketches it is in.


Then in Avatar you have all these messages about the earth and how we need to help preserve it and how we are not doing anything about it. So who really is in control of our media us and the people who Wright it or the censors that have decided that we cant handle making TV that we like and every one approves of. Then you have those sneaky messages that you don’t get till after the movie. So is out couture being run by consumerism and wanting to make every one happy, if we are really free why do we have to censor our selves and watch ads that we don’t want to because it is interrupting out TV time. IS there a way for us to get out of this consumer life style and just say what we want?

In parting in leave you with the man till up to his dieing day pushed the boundries of standup and peoples confort zones MR. George Carlin.


this is a bit on his legacy which shows how he lived.



PS. Words are only as powerful as you make then if you just go with it and do not make a big deal about it who cares go on with life. Ok for real this time I leave you with George Carlin. On the Modern Man the way him and I both see the world to day.





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