Water Bottles: A Pop Culture Phenomena

By: Vitaly Maykin

The water bottle has been around for quite sometime now. However, in today’s day the water bottle has become a culture amongst all the other liquid products today. Products such as Dasani, Fiji, Arrowhead, and Aquafina are just some of the more popular brand names that are included in the water bottle culture. So how did water, out of so many products become a culture of its own?












When you walk into any supermarket, gas station or restaurant, you will encounter several different brands of water bottles. Water bottles have become a must because they offer convenience for the consumer. This system works similarly like the fast food industry in which convenience has become a popular trend throughout the western culture. In addition, water bottles created a culture by degrading tap waters quality through the various types of ads that were created. The ads make tap water lack quality while enhancing the quality of the water bottle through their ads. Words like “practically irresistible” enhance the value of the water bottle even though the quality of the water bottle may be much lower than tap water. Here is a commercial that enhances the quality of the Dasani water bottle.


The trend will still continue, especially now that people are turning away from the soft drink beverages and are becoming more health conscious. This also increases the value of the water bottle and increases its popularity. The move to degrade the quality of tap water though various types of advertisements has also played a vital role in scarring people away from drinking tap water. These different spheres have caused a major growth of the water bottle culture in popular culture.





I would have never thought that water bottles would become such a popular consumption of convenience. Furthermore, creating a culture out of something that gives life to human flesh. It’s almost like creating something out of nothing.


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