Product Placement In Movies

By: Elias Khoury

Product placement is a form of advertisement, where branded items and goods are placed in forms of media. The reason this is done is because the advertisements are put into the media while the consumer don’t always realize it. The product placement isn’t disclosed at the time that the item is featured, however it is believed we see the items and pick up on the advertisement subconsciously. Why do these companies pay money to have there products inserted into the movies for only a couple seconds at a time. The amount of money they pay for this two second advertisement is ridiculous compared to the amount they would pay for a full commercial.  The reasoning is pretty simple, most of us are getting tired of ads. Today’s consumer is imputed with advertising everywhere. Such as television, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, the Internet. Showing the advertisement in the movie is much less evasive, but has similar effects on us.

When the first Transformers movie hit the theaters in the summer of 2007, people were quick to criticize the heavy use of product placement in the film. The director defended product placement by arguing that we live in a world full of brand names. The whole film was essentially a two-hour commercial with some very noticeable Mountain Dew, Apple, and Xbox 360 adds in-between the Camaros and Hummers. The product placement in the film of the Transformers franchise was very obvious, however I believe that as a culture we are used to all theses advertisements , and because of our past exposure to multiple advertisements we were able to except them as part of the movie.

When you look at this picture or if you were to see it in the Fantastic 4 movie, you wouldn’t really take into consideration the amount of product placement you had just witnessed. As a culture we have been accustomed to this type of intense advertisement. We see it so often it becomes part of our everyday life. We so often expect to see advertisement, that we don’t even realize when they are being forced onto us, by influencing everything we see. These companies use these films to increased their advertisements of their product, and the film producers use these companies to help fund there movies. However we are caught in the middle, we don’t pay money to watch advertisements we pay money to watch a film that entertains us. The only problem is without these companies to advertise there products, and fund the media will the films,and media be able to exist?


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