Disney Child Turned Deviant Culture Tycoon

By Ryan Walker

    In Horkheimer and Adorno’s The Culture Industry they paint a picture of culture as an industry where it produces within itself the culture that we digest. They speak of a system that is driven by an economically inclined consumeristic nature that has communistic like intensions through the sameness that is desired throughout each indiviutal output that the culture industry creates.

    With this in mind I decided to follow the Disney child star success story of Britney Spears and how her success came at a cost. In 1992 she competed on Star Search and debuted on the Mickey Mouse Club House, from there she went from the TV to the Radio waves with the hit single “Oops I Did it again” in 1998. Skipping to 2002 she was named “the most powerful celebrity” by Forbes magazine through her musical talent, success and sexy image.

But then just 5 years later she checked into a treatment facility in the Bahamas after shaving her head and getting 2 pieces of body art. She was only there for one day. This was all rather unusual behavior for this superstar and was rather deviant from her sexy super star status that she held.

Due to her constant pressures of the culture industry and the divorce she was going through, another more accepted by not socially approved matter of conduct (divorce),  that it proved too much for her and she acted out to perhaps “stick it” to the system. She pushes her deviance and self perseverance in her music. Like in “Piece of Me” where she laughs at the media for all the hell they gave her upon the deviance she expressed. The Culture Industry is relentless and does not take human feelings into consideration it only furthers what is HOT or IN!  


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