Cohiba Cigar Ad

By: Taylor Endresen

A picture of two well dressed, attractive individuals.  Looking deeper in to that, the woman is seductively whispering in the males ear, holding him tightly against her chest while he smiles.  The jet in the background could imply that they are about to embark on an expensive date for the evening, for they are both properly dressed. 

The diamonds that are draped around the woman’s wrist and neck along with his expensive suit he’s wearing suggest that the couple is well off or maybe that he is sweeping her off her feet as he puffs on his Cohiba. 

Which ever way this ad is looked at, the sexual aspect is undeniable. From their body language to the smile on his face about whatever she is whispering to him, Cohiba is selling sex along with a cigar.  The image portrayed is of wealth.  Two successful, both financially and sexually, adults that are dressed well on a runway strip with an expensive private jet behind them.  

If there were not Cohibas in the bottom of the picture it may be hard to distinguish what exactly is being represented. It could be clothing, the diamond bracelet on her wrist, his suit, or maybe a vacation.  Making the photo black and white with only the yellow label that reads Cohiba visible then makes it apparent to the viewer that the cigar is being advertised.  Along with sex and a false image of what a Cohiba can do for you.

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