By:Marcus Romanos

For my first Reflective writing I decided to choose an advertisement in order to reflect on our discussions of pop culture and how it relates to our ideology. The advertisement I choose to write about was a Peta advertisement and for people that do not know what peta is, it is an organization that stands for People for the ethical treatment of animals. One might ask what or how this relates to ideology concerning pop culture but you might be very surprised to see it relates very closely in how they tie together.

According to John story from the University of Sunderland Ideology refers to a systematic body of ideas articulated by a particular group of people. In this case Ideology to me could mean a few different things one being that an idea that has been established to help a community might actually be harming it as well. Take for instance the add I found. It is a peta add for spayed and neutering your animals now at first glance you might think that this is a reflection of our times. In 2011 there has been plenty of political arguments about animals rights and about our over population of animals due to lack of responsibility by the pet owners. Let alone ones about our over population of humans. Thinking further into this however we see this being a healthy add that is just plainly reminding people to be mindful of getting your pets spayed or neutered, this is more than that.

Peta has decided to not only throw in this lighthearted comment but also something else. How about a beautiful women by the name of Sasha Grey a once promising adult video star and now a mainstream movie and television star that is ever so gracefully planted dead center on the middle of the page completely naked covered only by her hands and sheet wrapped around her lower half. As related to ideology of pop culture it easy to see this as graphic in your face statement that says “ there needs to be something done about over of population of animals” but is there more to this, maybe a underlying message of sex in advertising?  I believe so. One might ask is this add really selling Peta’s ideas or sex in order to get peoples attention about the subject matter. Although gritty I don’t feel like its really helping the situation at all because they are using sex to promote peta. As we know Sex sells especially in advertising for whatever product it might be. Men and women love sexual relations for the most part and in my opinion this might cause an oxymoron. Having nude women is not just implying to have your pets taking care of its also sending out a mixed message of, if we support peta we are also able to have beautiful women like Sasha grey. As one might think there are plenty of people that might fall into this trap. Beautiful women having caring for pets therefore if we have caring for pets we will get beautiful women such as Sasha Grey. Although I am sure this not what she had in mind when she did this I think it was very clear that peta wanted this add to be out there to get peoples attention in whatever means possible.

Pop culture has shown time and time again that sex sells like I said before and unfortunately as long as we stay human and our own sexual desires prevail over our own educated judgments this will probably stay the same. This really makes me saddened because although I may not always agree with peta they are there to help animal rights and yet are still objectifying women in order to further their “official” business. This is not to say things cannot change over time and with proper educated resources they cannot help all the animals in the world.  Next time you pick up an add think is this really selling just a product or helping a specific cause? Or is there an underlying message that the advertisers are using to sell their products ?,r:16,s:18&biw=1088&bih=604

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