Audi, The new Mercedes

By: Jure P.

I choose a commercial titled, Audi Goodnight Commercial. This commercial starts out with a panned shot of a mansion that is very old fashioned. As the camera moves we start to see the inside of the house and all the riches within it. From a large gorgeous wooden table filled with food, to a massive hanging chandelier in the main hall. This commercial starts off by reminding you of a 1980’s villa in the south of France. But mainly it is homage to a classic children’s story. In the end of the commercial we are brought outside to a Mercedes where the narrator says goodnight and turns of the lights to the Mercedes. Then it pans to a warmer, sunnier shot of the grill of an Audi and says good morning.

The main idea that this commercial is trying to make is the thought of something new and luxurious. Throughout the whole commercial we are introduced to beautiful luxury. From the food on the table, to a woman sleeping if a large fur coat, the commercial is geared towards the rich. The car, which only makes an appearance for a few seconds, is the end product of what you could have if you wanted to live like a king. Audi, which is a luxury brand, is trying to put itself above its competitor by showing that if you buy an Audi, it will be just as luxurious as a Mercedes. But they are also trying to say is that the new Audi has even more luxuries than the old Mercedes. I thought this to not be relative until I started searching for a Mercedes commercial. The one that popped up the most was a commercial, which showed Mercedes heritage throughout the years. It started by showing its earliest models and then going to show some of the most recent ones. I thought it was very clever how Audi took the complete opposite approach and was showing of the now and its present car, compared to Mercedes, which tried to convey the point that heritage and history are more important than the present. This text is clearly trying to represent the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Though the biggest thing that bugs me about this commercial is that what is so different between and Audi and any other car that it deserves such a luxurious and fancy commercial. In the end, it’s a motor with wheels attached to it to get you from one place to another.

Ideologies that underlie popular culture have not really affected me as much as I thought they would. When you really think about what a person wants, a commercial or an advertisement are not going to change their mind about it. If a person is set on something they will follow their own thoughts and pursue what they think is correct. Looking at pop culture in an academic perspective has made me really think about the validity of what is being shown and how easily it can be manipulated. From commercials to magazines advertisements, most digital media can be manipulated to show what the person or company wants.  This has really changed the effectiveness of pictures. It shows that some magazines really don’t care about being truthful and it takes away from the magazines or other forms of media that pride them selves to showing the truth.

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