Ideology within Women’s Advertisements

By: Lamia

Everyday, most people run into advertisements by the Internet, television, radio, bus stop, and the side of buildings, just to name a few examples. These advertisements, whether noticed or unnoticed, have an effect on the audience which range from perking one’s interest about the product or idea to influencing what sort of lifestyle the audience should live.

Many fashion advertisements portray beautiful, thin women who wear glamorous clothes. Not only do they present clothes that are too expensive for many to buy, these images also present to the audience an idealized body, which is usually quite difficult to achieve. Fashion advertisements often favor models who are tall, youthful, and on average ranges from a size zero to a size four. Which is unfortunately send a message to women especially young women, that they should look just like these ideals models. Which is may cause a harmful damage on their health, self-esteem and even their personality. Because they don’t have “the perfect” body, they may start to take pills which may cause them their lives, or they start to work out so hard which may cause them a heart-attack. Also they may become introvert or spineless.

When I was looking for an ads. there were the obvious things that I expected to find, which were the constant use of beautiful and slim female models, however I never expected to see the floor! in so much use. Overall I have found that a large majority of ads have use their models to advertise whilst lying on the ground, in sexual, idealistic positions in this issue of glamour. I certainly think that women’s ads. suggest that beauty and perfection is how we should aim to be and we should all fight to look this good, and buy buying into their products we can have that possibility. Also ads attempt to sell us an ideology of a sexual nature. Some of the ads have women lying on top of men, possibly hinting that if you buy into our product then you will be successful in relationships and sex too. I find that ads illustrate a scenario also, to help who saw that ad to relate it and to visualize herself in that situation.

Last year I had a class where we watch movies and then inlays them and come up with the message they’re trying to send and so on. Since that class till now I’ve been more critical and focusing on their messages more than just looking at it and just enjoying it! The ideology that media has about women made me more carful about what I wear, and how I act because I refuse to use women as an object rather than human, to sell a product or even to convey an idea or message.

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