Mac Vs PC

By: Chris A

The text that I chose to analyze is the Mac Vs PC commercials. These commercials basically follow the same format where they compare Mac computers to PC’s by using characters to represent them.  The commercials compare the two where they try to show you that Mac’s are better than PC’s and that they are everything that PC’s are not.

The main goal of the commercials is obviously to get you to buy a Mac computer, but I think that they are trying to sell us much more than that. I believe that Apple is trying to sell us with the qualities of the character that is playing the Mac. Apple is selling us the image of the character. I think that it’s very easy for us to connect with the character that is playing the Mac side because he comes off as a very likeable guy. The character that plays the Mac is a young good looking guy that really does look like the average American. Apple doesn’t use an actor that most of us don’t look like and cannot relate to.

The actors that play each side cannot be any more different from one another. The actor playing the Mac is dressed in a way that most of us would be by wearing a sweatshirt, shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He is always very laid back and easy going. His appearance and the way he acts represents being hip and cool. At the same time the actor playing the PC comes across in a very different way. The PC’s character wears a suit and is an older individual who is slightly overweight. He would also not be considered to be as attractive to many compared to the younger actor that represents a Mac. The PC character is not as easy to connect with as with the Mac. He does not seem to be as likeable and he can come across as being very annoying at times. He is not as easy going as the Mac is and it feels like he is trying too hard. The character just is not as easy to relate to and get along with. We associate the character of the Mac as what a Mac computer is, and we associate the character as being someone who is just like us. It makes it feel like a Mac computer in a sense is a little bit of who we are. Apple is using the ideas of a Mac being young and cool to sell their product.

I would say that the ideologies in advertisements had more of an effect on me when I was younger when it was easier for me to buy into everything that I see in advertisements. I now am aware of some of the other messages that advertisements are trying to get across. I usually don’t look too much into advertisements and I try not to let them influence me too much because I know that they are trying to sell me on many other ideas. I try not to allow the advertisements that I see to make a decision for me. Taking the time to carefully analyze advertisements helps me realize more how advertisements work and what else is behind them. For example, I never noticed some of the things that are behind these Mac Vs PC commercials until I took the time to closely analyze them. I have probably seen them hundreds of times and I have always thought that they were to just tell you everything that is wrong with a PC, and Mac’s are everything that a PC is not. Only after carefully analyzing the commercials did I pick up on everything else that the commercials are trying to sell.

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