Hip Hop By Reema Alhamidi

Hip hop is a culture that has been known for its art and music. Hip-hop began in New York City in the 1970’s in many African-American groups. The main pillars of hip hop include deejaying, Mceeing, graffiti writing, beat boxing and breaking. The hip hop culture has spread all over the world since it emerged in the South Bronx. The emergence of hip hop came about as a result of disc jockeys making up beats by looping breaks on turntables. This after sometime, starting being followed up by a rap which is a style of poetry in a rhythmical manner. Dancing then came about as a result of the music that was being created, and this also had an effect on the dressing which attracted huge fans across the world.

Since the emergence of hip hop, the culture has undergone a number of changes that are considered to be demeaning the culture. Through the formation of hip hop music, dressing and deejaying, the culture has become commercialized. It has become a lifestyle for many people from the way of dressing to the way of talking. Hip hop has been criticized by a number of people for it being a source of a number of vices. This is as a result of the lyrical content of the music as well as the form of dressing.  There have been also incidences whereby women are also called derogatory names in hip hop music. This has brought about a huge debate about whether hip hop is a positive culture that can educate the youth, who are the main people who practice this culture. Parents have also become concerned with hip hop and have blamed the culture for misleading the youth in engaging in a number of activities. Despite all the criticism, hip hop has also been able to have positive impacts through conveying positive messages in the music as well as creating jobs for the youth. The entertainment scene has also been able to be revolutionized as a result of hip hop.

Relevance of Hip Hop

The hip hop culture is a reaction, culmination and reflection of all the American cultures that have been in existence before its emergence. It has also been able to be a source of livelihood and success to many people around the world. Hip hop has become the one of the most significant and relevant contributions that the African Americans brought to the 20th century. It refined the youth in the 1970’s and brought the notion of being able to having fun safely and positively. This is evident through the conscious and political movements that were brought about as a result of hip hop in the early nineties and late eighties. Currently, hip hop is one of the most lucrative and influential cultures that is being practiced by the general youth all over the world. No other religion or culture has been able to education, entertain and captivate the youth like hip hop. As a result of hip hop, the youth have been able to get inspiration and become more independent, entrepreneurial and creative. This can be seen through the success of a number of hip hop artistes.

Hip hop has become and international culture to many people. The existence of hip hop has been a reflection of identity which seeks to generate ideas and push forward an agenda that exists. Due to the huge influence that it has on the youth a number of companies have been able to market products that are target to the youth through the use of hip hop. Companies such as Nike, Addidas, Coca Cola and Pepsi can attribute their success through the increase in sales of their products to the youth through the use of hip hop. Hip hop has provided education through positive music and positive seminars in prisons as well as other charitable events. The huge influence of this culture across the world therefore generates an interest for its study in order to have a better understanding of the culture.

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